YWCA working in partnership with the Homeless Period Initiative.

A largely forgotten about issue when it comes to the homeless community is how women deal with their periods while living on the street. At present, there are over 1000 women sleeping on the streets of Dublin alone and countless others who are living in emergency accommodation or in extreme financial strain at home.

"These women deserve the same basic level of hygiene each month that the majority can afford," said Petra Hanlon of the Homeless Period Initiative.

This is why a new initiative has been set up in Dublin to help tackle the problem. The tagline on the project says it all:

"None of us know what it is like to be homeless, but we can all appreciate the basic needs of being a woman."

The Homeless Period is an initiative which encourages people to donate sanitary products to homeless women. They simply ask women to buy one extra pack of tampons or pads when they are buying their own—and to ask a friend to do the same. These donated products are distributed to various charities around the city, who then pass them on to women in need.

The YWCA Baggot Street is a drop off point for donated sanitary products. 

We welcome donations! You can simply drop products off at our residence between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.