Our Town

The  city of Dublin developed from a small settlement near the mouth of the River Liffey over 1,000 years ago. Somehow it has managed to embrace the modern world whilst retaining its authentic friendly atmosphere. Today, this international tech hub is mostly known for its friendly people, Guinness, sport, and more than a few influential authors and playwrights—but that’s not all it has to offer!

Now considered a doorway to the rest of Europe, Dublin is a bustling, cosmopolitan city where tradition and innovation meet in some astounding ways. Theatre, art, sport, music, technology, enterprise, and culinary creativity are all booming in the Irish capital. Internationally renowned educational institutions such as Trinity College and leading global businesses are based here, too. Dublin has also become a centre for English language learning and a selection of schools offer a range of courses to suit all learners. There was never a better time to be in Dublin.