Introducing Our Resident Assistants for the Year 2018/19

From left to right: Taylor, Francesca, Klaudia and Magdalina

From left to right: Taylor, Francesca, Klaudia and Magdalina

Here are the four lovely & hard-working Resident Assistants (RAs)! They come from all over the world with the joint vision of making our city centre location feel like home. See below for their individual introductions & a bit of information about their experiences as an RA! Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to apply for the 2019/20 RA programme!

Klaudia: Hi! My name is Klaudia and I originally come from Poland but I’ve lived in Ireland for nearly 10 years. I’m 21 years old and I study Psychology at Trinity College. I love animals, drawing, hikes and walks, and reading novels, among other things. What I loved most about the RA programme was living in the heart of Dublin and being able to walk to college as well as getting to know some of the residents and making friends with them. I believe some of those friendships will be ones that last. What I found difficult has been finding alone time in a residence full of people and trying to juggle college and my RA role along with other responsibilities. It has been a valuable experience that will stand for me in the future.

Taylor: Hello! My name is Taylor, I’m originally from San Diego, California, but I now call Dublin my home! I am currently studying Sociology & Social Justice at University College Dublin with hopes of working in secondary schools or the foster care system afterward. Before I moved to Ireland, I was a wedding florist, and I enjoy all kinds of art, including painting, crocheting, and music. The RA programme has been an excellent way to meet new people and experience new cultures right in your own home! I’ve learned so much about hospitality and the sometimes challenging cross-cultural communication. I’m very grateful for my time at the YWCA!

Magdalina: Hey guys! My name is Magdalina. I am originally from Russia and Lebanon but have lived in Ireland for the past 10 years, currently studying Medicine in Trinity College Dublin. My interests include playing the piano, travelling and reading about current affairs. I also love all things tech, politics and AI! My favourite part of the RA role is meeting people from diverse cultures and making many different friends from all walks of life. I think the most challenging aspect for me about this role was learning to manage my time between college work and my RA responsibilities.

Francesca: I was born in Modica, Sicily, in 1991. I left my hometown to study at the historic Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and more recently, I exclusively dedicate myself to landscape paintings, tracing an introspective path of memories back through the places of my life. I fell in love with Ireland after visiting, and decided to take the plunge and move to Dublin. The quick move was a challenge, but I wanted a new experience, totally different from my comfort zone. I love to share my passion and meet new people from all over the world. The RA Programme has given me these opportunities, has improved my focus, confidence and leadership skills, thanks to all the activities and training I have had.