Knitting Group

In recent weeks a Knitting group has started in our Prayer Room.


‘I actually joined because I wanted to improve my English. Also in my country knitting is something my grandmother does not my generation, so I wanted to learn.’

Áine, one of our supervisors and chefs, is also a skilled knitter and has started teaching some of our Residents and Staff to knit on Wednesday evenings from 7.45 until 9pm. They are enjoying learning a new skill in a social way. The group started with our two volunteers, Özlem and Marta, showing an interest in starting to knit in September and now there are up to 5 or 6 people attending each week, as the interest continues to grow.


‘I walked past the room one day and saw everyone knitting and I decided I wanted to learn. It’s very addictive when you get started.’

This provides an enjoyable and relaxing way of getting to know each other in the crazy hustle and bustle of life. The laughter filled sessions scheduled to finish at 9 often doesn’t draw to a close until much later in to the evening.

‘I find it therapeutic and relaxing.’

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