What the Students Have to Say...


How long have you lived in the residence?

4 months, A semester and then January

What are you doing in Dublin?

I’m studying Performing arts at American College Dublin.

How did you find out about us (The Residence)?

The Guy from my school, he’s the Financial Director I think.

What is your favourite aspect of living in the residence?

It’s really cool, because you can meet a lot of new people from all around the world. They are all going through the same situation. It’s a brand new place for everyone and everyone is here to make friends, so it’s pretty easy to have a friendly environment.

The room is good, it’s very clean.

Everyone that works here is really friendly. They all help you with whatever you need.

It’s very well located in the centre of Dublin, so it’s close to everything. There is a bus stop here (right outside the door) and I just used the bus for the first time the other day. I went to RTÉ and I was the audience. It was of children playing instruments and they were speaking in Irish so I didn’t understand, but it was really cool.

What do you like about living in Dublin?

Definitely not the weather.

I like Irish people; very very friendly, very funny with a great sense of humour. And it’s funny how, Irish people can still be happy, even with, this weather, there is something really amazing. My city is very similar, the weather is very similar and everybody is very closed nobody talks to each other, they are not friendly. So Irish people are really, really nice.

I like Guinness.

I like that we can walk everywhere, we don’t need a car, we can walk around the centre. It feels like a small town, but it’s a big town. It’s a big town with the feeling of small town.

What are experiences that have made your time in Ireland Special?

One day I went with my friends from school, to learn how to play hurling and Gaelic Football. One of my Teacher took us and taught us, and that is a day I will never forget. It’s really fun, I was good at it.