What the Students Have to Say...


How long have you lived in the residence?

Since September 8th so almost 5 months.

What are you doing in Dublin?

I’m studying for my MFA in creative writing.

How did you find out about us (The Residence)?

My school said that this was one of the accommodations that they worked with, so American College Dublin actually pointed me in this direction.

What has been your favourite aspect of living in the residence?

I like that we get to meet so many people all the time. Constantly new people coming in and out, which means there are a lot of friendships to be made. I have made so many friends from here. Yeah that’s definitely my favourite. I still keep in touch with a lot of them.

I like the family dinner thing that we always have going on. People might not be around during the day, but we always end up having dinner together. Always.

What do you like about living in Dublin?

I love the city. For a writer it’s a very influential city to be in, there is a lot of inspiration that comes from here. There is a lot to do. There is a lot to see. There is so much history and knowledge to be gained from here. That I think is overlooked sometimes. I feel people don’t see what the city has to offer. There is always live music, book launches to go to, and loads of readings. Always something.

What are experiences that have made your time in Ireland Special?

Honestly it’s going to be something vague like going out with all the friends I have met here. Right before Christmas we probably had the most fun, because it was all of these different people from all these different countries and some were coming back and some weren’t. So we were just constantly doing things together so we would remember the time. Even once we left for break we were keeping in contact all the time because of those memories. We would take small trips to Howth, we would just walk around the city. It was just those little times that even though not one specific one comes to mind all of these memories are times that you thought were really insignificant, but made the time special.